Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boating with Roger

For all the boating enthusiasts out there lets take a look a boating for relaxation, fun, or whatever name you wish to put on one of the greatest pleasures that you could have.

Once the pleasure and fascination of boating gets in your blood, you’re going to be hooked on it for life. You may not always own a boat, but you will never ever forget the pleasure of boating.

I was raised on the St. Lawrence River, so it was a very easy transition for me to go from iceboating in the winter to boating in the summer.

The first boat that I owned was a twelve foot row boat which I was convinced (at age 7) that this was the be all and end all of boating. The next boat was a twelve foot cedar hull boat, with a one lung St. Lawrence engine, which would speed along a about ten miles an hour. This was great until Johnson brought out their twenty five horse power outboard. I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the engine and now for the boat. There were several different models that I looked at, but the one that matched the motor was a thirteen foot six inch white Alaskan cedar strip.

I had many hours of pleasure with that boat, however things do change and I got married and out of boating, but never forgetting the joy and pleasure that boating gave me,

Well time went by and my family was starting to grow up and they would go with their friends and my wife and I would stay at home, until one day we happened to go to the boat show in Toronto. Well it happened, there was an eighteen foot six inch Peterborough with a 235 horsepower I/O engine that we fell in love with and our boating pleasures started again, after several years without owning a boat.

We had the Peterborough for two years, boating in the Thousand Islands and then it happened………………….
That dreaded thing called footitis!!!!! We happened to be boating in Lake Simcoe and spotted a boat for sale, which is not unusual at a marina. There it was, the boat of our dreams, it was a forty-one foot Chris Craft Constellation.

Next week…. Boy did we have a lot to learn.

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